A guide TO radical welcomE & collective care

With so many communities facing injustice and violence, we are responding by coming together in solidarity, learning how to boldly intervene as effective allies, and reconnecting to each other, our neighbors, and the world. We believe it's time for not just a policy of sanctuary but a Practice of Sanctuary -- one rooted in love, justice, and the understanding that our liberation is bound.

“Radical welcoming is a revolutionary leap of faith that says that I am ready to be changed. I am willing to dismantle everything I know to be in active loving relationship. I am willing to actively participate in co-creating a world that i can’t yet see in order for you to fully show up. It’s this idea that ... everyone's voice, everyone's presence and everyone’s power is welcome.”

Teo Drake, Transforming Hearts Collective


WEBINAR SERIES: sanctuary and solidarity

If you're ready to dig into the fundamentals of Practicing Sanctuary, join our free webinar series each week in May! Together, we'll learn how to actively create a culture - from the ground up - where everyone belongs.

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Previous Webinars + Recordings:

How Invested Are You? 
May 4, 2017

A Call to Resist the #BackersOfHate with Deborah Axt, Make the Road New York and Megan McGowan, Action Group Network (recording coming soon).

Sanctuary Starts at Home
May 10, 2017

Beginning conversations with those closest to you and making plans to best protect and care for one another.

Building Local Sanctuaries:
May 17, 2017

How our personal stories can build the relationships we need to make meaningful and responsible impact.

Creating Radically Welcoming Spaces
Wednesday May 24th

Envisioning the way forward: a look at our past, present, and future with tools for strengthening our relationship to the sanctuary movement.

“Creating sanctuary in our local communities will require focusing on places and people many of us tend not to notice. There is no silver-bullet plan. There is no national government or national movement leader who will come save us. To jumpstart ourselves, we have to start where we are, where we live, and we have to get out of our bubbles.”

-Marisa Franco, Mijente


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